81 Regent Street

Fredericton, New Brunswick


Southwest Developments

In addition to designing their office building and interior spaces, our studio was engaged to develop two Experiential Graphic Design programs for Service Canada. The goal was to distinguish the user-journey and highlight the similar, yet unique differences between offices located in one building while allowing each to maintain its own identity.

Project Gallery Image
Project Gallery Image

Steps away from the St. John’s River, wayfinding visuals leverage strong natural character and elements of Maritime Canada. Thematically for the Employment and Social Development Canada office, we drew creatively from patterns of evergreen trees and road maps, reinforcing the interior design’s colour palette. To complement the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency office, the shape of a lighthouse and ocean waves symbolic of the Atlantic region were used as inspiration. We reflected these designs across elements such as room identification, overhead directional signage, workstation, and locker numbers.

Inspired by the surrounding natural settings, our Experiential Graphic Design program successfully unified two distinct offices, elevating the user and visitor experience while celebrating the unique identities of each.

Project Gallery Image