Brampton IT Warehouse

Brampton, Ontario


A National Corporation


127,000 sf facility

Designed and visioned through a close collaboration with a national client on a sensitive site, Turner Fleischer brought this industrial and high-tech project to reality.

This IT Warehouse and Data Centre was designed as a state-of-the-art building to consolidate the client’s existing Data facilities into a single building. A complex project with multiple stakeholders and interests, the TF team collaborated with many consultants and specialists to ensure the final project was delivered incorporating the technical needs and its unique design requirements. Working closely with IBM and Bruns-Pak, the final project is a 127,000 sf facility with 15,000 sf of expansion capabilities that were proposed to suit future corporate requirements.

The Brampton facility integrates into an existing campus through use of consistent materials application and design elements. This informed integration is significant on a project of this size, ensuring it doesn’t dominate the landscape and respects its context.

Project Gallery Image
Project Gallery Image